2023 – present date –Several tasks within the project “Strengthening Nuclear Fusion Research in Romania”

2022 – present date – “Romanian Participation in WP-PWIE and complementary research” /WPPWIE/ EUROFusion

2020-2022 – “Neon retention and influence on deuterium inventory in beryllium co-deposited layers with application for nuclear fusion” – NEDBED  PN-III-P1-1.1-PD-2019-1024

2014-2020 – “Romanian Participation in WP-PFC and complementary research” /WPPFC/ EUROFusion

2014-2020 – Several tasks within the project “Romanian Participation in WP-JET2 and complementary research” /WPJet2/ EUROFusion

2016 – “Romanian Participation in WP-JET 3 and complementary research /JET 3/ EUROFusion”

2014-2017 – “Energetically independent ecologic module for venting and illumination with antibacterial properties used for exterior walls covering”; UEFISCDI;

2014-2016 – “Extreme Light Induced Ablation Plasma Jet And Nanopatterning” – ELIAN RO-CERN competition, 2014;

2012-2014 –”Gaseous inclusion trapping mechanism study of ITER beryllium-related mixed materials”

2012-2016 – “Carbon and titanium-based complex nanocomposite for industrial applications” / CREATIF/ 160/2012/ UEFISCDI;

2011-2015 –“The study of giga and terra watt laser beam interaction with carbon fibers, tungsten and beryllium”; UEFISCDI-IDEI 4/2011

2014-2016 – “Studies of the plasma-facing components after fusion plasma irradiation”; FP7-EURATOM;

2008-2010 – “Production of Beryllium Coatings for Inconel Cladding and Beryllium tile Markers for ITER”; FP7-EURATOM

2009-2011 – “Technology for coating anti reflexive and protective diamond like carbon DLC on optic elements”; OPTICDLC

2012-2013 – “Study of deuterium trapping mechanisms of ITER beryllium-related mixed materials”: WP12-IPH-A01-3-01/BS FP7-EURATOM